Extreme Dining

Experience our original idea in its full measure. Surprise your loved ones with a delicious dinner in breathtaking nature at your selected location. Choose between our ingenious courses matching the four elements fire, water, earth and wind.

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offer for 10-30 people

About our courses

Each course was created by our Extreme Dining Team. Together we designed fresh and shrewd combinations according to the four elements. Through brainstorming, trying out, tasting and adjusting our courses we gave birth to these new menus. here is a foretaste in words.


The incense of burning wood leads you into this adventurous element. In combination with fire we spice up capsicum, chilies or lamb in different ways. Shall it be smoked, set aflame or put onto the grill, one thing is certain each course will taste the flames.


Dive deep into the great underwater world and enjoy the variety of hand-dipped scallops, Swiss perch pike and a tasty cold cucumber soup. These courses will be escorted with a soft taste of cress, citron or coriander. This element will certainly kick you into the waters.


Feel the warm wind sailing you gently into this element. Blossoms, honey, vanilla and lavender will rise into your nostrils. Not only your taste but also your senses will be inspired.  Emerge yourself in a journey through the air and experience a culinary welfare.


Experience the taste of the earth and discover what it offers you. Is it beetroot with truffle,  parsnip or beef in combination with ginger, cardamon and muscat. We will conjure a great poem.

What is Extreme Dining ?

Extreme Dining describes an occasion, which takes place in wild nature without depending on basic supplies like water, power or essential infrastructure. Our catering has set the goal to provide an excellent service under this conditions and to merge with the surrounding nature. We cook offbeat in our own ways according to the four elements fire, water, earth and wind.