The grilltable brings life into motion. Dining becomes an active and exciting adventure. Extreme Dining offers a unique possibility to experience the gilltables in all their steps of development from the very first to the latest modell. Be a part of a diversified cooking event. Book your grilltable occasion in our unique location in the Sagi, Baar.



Your own grilltable

The grilltable opens up a new horizon for outdoor cooking. Everybody can be a part of a fascinating cooking and grilling experience. No one is left behind in the kitchen to do all the work. Enjoy the company as you are preparing delicious food on the grilltable. There are endless possibilities on how to create menus on the grilltable. To get started just set the coals on fire and the heat on the cooking elements are ready to be used for hours. The grilltable is 100% made in Switzerland. The complete construction is made of stainless steal and the wood for the table is made of first class tropical wood perfect for outdoor use. The table can also be used as a conventional table without the cook fields. The protection coverings not only protect the wood while cooking put also cover the cook fields when not in use.

Would you like to discover a table? Here some possibilities

  • Buy a grilltable – complete set
  • Hire a grilltable – try it out
  • History table – Are you interested in one of our development models

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    The grilltable history

    In 2012 the grilltable found its way into David Bucher’s notebook of inventions. In the beginning of 2016 the project was realized with our developer Daniel Hedinger from the Kunstschmiede in Bonstetten. The first prototype was tested in action in the same saison.  The good results and great request has brought us to go into further development with Art of Fire. Extreme Dining displays all the grilltables with each individual step of improvement at our own eventlocation.

    Our versions


    The very first prototype that was crafted from the sketches in the notebook. It fullfiled it’s purpose from the very beginning. This masterpiece has served since April 2016 and contains lots of character.


    The first updated version with a light level crafted into the construction to keep a distance between the grill and wooden table.


    The first series with retractable gill so that the wooden table can be pushed into a conventional garden table.


    Our latest update and current sales offer. It’s named after an island in Zug, which is the hometown of the inventor and developer. The whole construction is made of stainless steal and the under-construction painted black. The feet are adjustable and the the handles on the drawers have vanished to create a beautiful finish. This table comes with a covering to protect the table while cooking and cover the grill while not in use.