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The grilltable opens up a new horizon for an unique outdoor cooking adventure. Everyone will be pulled into a fantastic grill and cooking experience. No one is left behind in the kitchen everyone part takes and shares the unforgettable moments at the table. There are endless opportunities on how to cook on the grilltable. To set it on fire you simply need coals and the heat stays for many hours. The table is 100% Swiss made and consists of the finest material. The whole construction is made of stainless steal and the wood is highly resistent tropical wood, which is perfectly weather resistent. The grilltable can also be used without the cook fields, they can be simply covered with the protection coverings.

Our homemade seasonings are designed and produced in accordance with the four elements fire, water, wind and earth. Each seasoning is perfectly matched for everything that walks. flies, swims or burns. The ingredients are thoroughly selected and already contains himalaya salt, so there is no further salt needed to season your dishes.

This wonderful crafted enamel cup enbodies our Extreme Dining vision. It has a long lasting lifetime quality just like the memories you collect form your Extreme Dining event. Also can this feather light cup be taken everywhere and even be used to cook on the fire, just like our Extreme Dining carries light and endurable materials. The rusty looks adds some lifestyle and an unique character to finish. Have fun.

Nothing more annoying then cloth that sinks soaks up to much or not enough water. This cotton Solwang cloth is revolutionary and is made in Norway by a granny’s recipe. It is long lasting and hand-knitted. It feels amazing in your hand as you clean and protects your hand from damages that micro phasers causes.

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Grilltable complete CHF 3990.-

– complete construction made of stainless steal
– painted black with adjustable feet
– high end long lasting tropical wood
– two drawers for the coals
– three grillplates
– three grillrosts
– stainless steal coverings as protection or covering

Box 1 for CHF 40.-
– Extreme Dining seasoning fire, water, wind and earth (4x70g)
– three cotton Solwang cloths from Denmark (beige, grau, anthrazit)

Box 2 for CHF 55.-
– Extreme Dining seasoning fire, water, wind and earth (4x70g)
– three cotton Solwang colths form Denmark (beige, grey, anthracite)
– longlasting Extreme Dining enamel cup