Our team consists of young motivated hosts and chefs. We prepare our dishes with great passion and have made it our mission to realize special culinary moments in a unique atmospheres. We approach your wishes directly and creatively, making your individual event a complete success.







David Bucher 

Executive Manager and Chef

“I like to surprise people with something special. At our events, I see the happy facial expressions of our guests and feel satisfied of working hard for that.”

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Chantal Eberhardt 

Chef de Service and Assistant Manager

“My heart strives for extraordinary events connected with nature, adventure, food and passion.”

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Andreas Hafner 


“I want to give people the opportunity to dine in the wild nature in order to give them a piece of luck.”

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Benjamin Ebertshäuser 

Caterer and Chef

“An Extreme Dining event is like heaven on earth, the daily life is forgotten and a whole new world lives on.”

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Janine Brun


“I love to spoil the guests with special delicacies in an extraordinary environment. Being outside in nature is great fun.”















Judith Schweizer

Host and Designer

„I love doing things with passion. I believe that we are created to use our talents. Extreme Dining is just such a place, where I can live this out and create new things.“















Tabea Kobel 


“Great food combined with a beautiful scenery, good community and a feel for the exceptional, I want to be there! And you?”















Caroline Rötlisberger 


“I love to create delicious and beautiful things. To dine in the outside is a fantastic idea. In addition to that satisfied guests = perfect!”















Sarja Gauch


 “Extreme dining allows me to be part of the harmonious and beautiful moments that will be talked about for a long time.”















Tabea Widmer


“I enjoy delicious food and good fellowship. Being in nature lets my heart beat faster. I also like to provide an unforgettable dinner.”















Elzana Bättig


“I love to pamper guests with special delicacies in an extraordinary surrounding. Being outside in nature is great fun.”















Reto Stefania


“Spending sensational evenings with friends, fire, wine, passion and ambiance are the basis for wonderful memories.”